A40 Magic Fire Arm Oil, Protector & Shine Spray

A40 Magic Fire Arm Oil, Protector & Shine Spray

Akfix A40 Gun Oil and Protector Spray is a unique product for cleaning and periodic maintenance of firearm. Also suitable for protecting firearm against rust, corrosion and dirt at storage. Akfix A40 is also a lubricating multipurpose protector spray. It’s special formula, combines many properties such as cleaning, lubricating, loosening rusted part, driving out moisture.

  • Protects firearm from water, rust and corrosion by creating a protective layer thanks
  • to its superior protective ability.
  • Ultimate penetrating ability.
  • Helps to clean old and rusted firearm and protects for long period.
  • Maintains firearm and polishes.
  • Spray form product provides oil to reach hard to reach areas.
  • Even effects easily to longbarreled and complex structure firearm.
  • Thanks to easily effecting spray form of the product, it is not necessary to disassembling the whole firearm.
  • With the thin long pipe which is given with every can, the product can be applied to hard to reach areas.
  • At multipurpose use, loosens rusted and corroded metal parts.
  • Greases and loosens hinges, locks, and other fittings.
  • Decreases frictions and stops squeaks.
  • Does not contain silicone and any dirt trap additives.
  • Drives the moist out of the surface and dries it out, thus provides longtime lubricating effect.
  • Dissolves tar, gum, adhesive etc.
  • Permeates into grease and dirt and creates a protective film layer on the surface.
  • Protects metal parts against rust.
  • Provides maintenance by penetrating into surface and protects it against dirt.
Applications Area
  • For cleaning and lubricating all kind of firearm.
  • For cleaning and reclaiming rusted firearm.
  • For easy maintenance of firearm which is hard to clean and lubricate.
  • In all fittings, door and window mechanisms, locks, handles, hinges.
  • For annulling humidity on metallic surfaces of bikes, motorbikes, small motor vehicles, electronic contacts and other home tools such
  • as drills, jigsaws, etc.
  • For loosening and activating rusted and jammed mechanisms.
  • Can be used as a protective for surfaces which is vulnerable to water and rust.
  • For dissolving adhesive materials like tar, gum, adhesive tapes etc.

-A40-200 ml24/48--
-A40-400 ml24/48--
-A40-100 ml36--
-A40-19 L1--
-A40-30 L1--
-A40-200 L1--

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