5 Decorative Ideas You May Perform with Montage Adhesive

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We may need to make some minor changes or repair certain parts in our living space. You can be the master of your own home without calling a master, without further using drills or nails. All you need to do that is Akfix High Tack Multi Purpose Montage Adhesive. You can find 5 different application ideas that you can perform at home with High Tack further in our article.

1- Curtain rail fixing:
Curtain rail fixing

Curtains are must-to-have decorative items at our homes. 

First of all, you should pay attention that the application surface of the cornice is clean and dry. Then, cut the mouth of the cartridge and attach the plastic tip. The plastic tip is cut according to the width of the application surface and the cartridge is then attached to the gun. Akfix High Tack is applied to the surface in vertical strips. Depending on the humidity and temperature, the surfaces are required to be bonded together within 10 minutes after the application. After the cornice is bonded to the ceiling, you should apply pressure for a short time. After waiting for the adhesive to cure and harden for a while, you can fix your curtains on the cornice.

Akfix High Tack allows you to easily assemble cornices and accessories without the need for drills and screws. Ultra strong and offers a highly secure adhesion. Offers a high adhesion strength and initial adhesion feature. With Akfix High Tack, you can perform the assembly of the curtain rails without the use of clamps or fixing tape.

2-Securing Skirting Board:
Securing skirting board

The door sill or the skirting boards on the wall can sustain damages after prolonged use. Instead of calling a repair person, you can bond it yourself in 5 minutes with High Tack. Apply Akfix High Tack Montage Adhesive in vertical strips to the dislodged skirting board. Then bond it onto the area you want to bond without waiting for long. Apply pressure for a short period of time. 

3-Bonding decorative ornament on the wall:
Bonding decorative ornament on the wall

You can also perform your own decoration works requiring a master and drill such as wall drilling and screwdriving. All you need to have is Akfix High Tack. Make sure that the application area is unpainted, unlined, dry and clean. Apply High Tack adhesive in short strips to the rear sides of the plates. Apply pressure for 5 minutes with the masking band. 

4-Bonding door number plate:
Bonding door number plate

You may bond your door number plate with Akfix High Tack without the need for screws. Apply the High Tack adhesive on the rear side of the number plate at short intervals and bond it to the application area. Ensure that it shall remain fixed and secure for 5 minutes with the help of a masking band.

5-Shelf bonding:
Shelf bonding

You can fix your shelves without a drill, screws and nails. Make sure that the application surface is unlined and clean. Apply the High Tack at short intervals on the part of the shelf that shall be secured on the wall. Then bond it to the wall and apply pressure it for a short time.

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