How to Apply Aquarium Silicone Sealant at Home?

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We like feeding fish at home. We should take care and do cleaning for aquarium as well as we do for the fishes. You should make a detailed maintenance once a year for the aquariums. Especially you should take special care of waterproofing for the tanks. You can make yourself also this maintenance with Akfix 100AQ Aquarium Silicone at home. It is enough to fix a small leakage with a small amount of Akfix 100AQ Aquarium Silicone sealant. 

100 AQ Aquarium Silicone

What is aquarium silicone sealant?

Non Toxic (not including toxic content) Aquarium Silicone is safest and strongest adhesive and leak tightness product. Aquarium silicone used in mounting and fixing of glass constructions is totally water resistant. These silicones not including chemicals that might damage fishes and plants adhere to glass perfectly. Aquarium silicone sealant is black, white and transparent. 

Aquarium silicone, other than aquarium maintenance, can also be used to adhere stones, plants or other trimmings to aquarium glass. Silicone sealant does not create image disturbance on the aquarium because of transparency.  

100 AQ Aquarium Silicone

Which type of silicone sealant is to be preferred on aquarium maintenance?

The leading question mostly concerned is whether aquarium silicone damages the fishes or not. Aquarium silicone does not damage the fishes and plants. It can be used with peace in mind. You should prefer aquarium silicone instead of normal silicone in terms of not damaging living creatures. Moreover, you need to pay attention that aquarium silicone does not contain solvent. 

You have to be sure in selecting aquarium silicone that the product is elastic, highly adhesive and UV resistant. 

100 AQ Aquarium Silicone

How should aquarium silicone sealant be applied?

At first the aquarium should be emptied completely. The fishes should be put into a safe container temporarily. If any old and dried silicone were remained on the surface applied these have to be scraped with a cutting tool like razor or knife without harming the glass. The scraped surface should be cleaned with a cloth with detergent. You have to ensure that the surface is dried completely after cleaned up. Application to wet surfaces will be ineffective. 

Place the aquarium silicone sealant in to the application gun and make a small nick on the nozzle of the tube with a sharp tool. Apply the silicone slowly and observantly to three edges of the glass also evenly holding silicone at the angle of 45 degrees. Join it with the glass to be adhered without too much delayed. Apply force with your hand for a while on the glasses after joining process. Then adhere masking tape on upper and lower parts. Straighten the silicone by pressing with a spatula or your finger within 5 minutes after applying silicone in order to have sufficient contact with the surface. This process will provide both a better adherence and a sealant appearance. Do not let it contact with water in no way for 24 hours. Silicone not cured yet contaminated with surroundings can be removed with cleaning thinner. Cured silicone can be cleaned with mechanically. Clean up the aquarium completely before filling water for your fishes. 

100 AQ Aquarium Silicone

You can fill your aquarium with water after ensuring it is dried absolutely.

Be the master of your home with Akfix!

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