How To Apply Shower Cabin Silicone At Home?

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The silicone sealant used for installation of shower cabin and bath materials not having proper features becomes moldy and turns black in time due to exposed to intense humidity and water. Both an unhealthy and ugly appearance come into view. We should make sealant maintenance once a year and replace it if worn out for not to encounter with this view. 

100D Shower Cabine Kicthen & Bathroom Silicone

What is shower cabin silicone sealant?

Silicone is a construction material having an enormous area of use. It is used for fillet, leak tightness, insulation and adherence works. One of the areas of usage is bathroom. It is preferred to avoid edge leakage of shower enclosure, basin, lavatory and urinal. It is used for corner joints, avoiding water and moisture, filling clearances at the points of contact. It is in white and transparent color in general. Different colors are also available for different grounds.

Despite the silicone sealant is a long lived material the darkening and molding occurs if exposed to water too much. 100D Shower Cabine Kicthen & Bathroom Silicone provides full coverage on the wet areas like lavatory and tiles.

100D Shower Cabine Kicthen & Bathroom Silicone

What should be taken into account when choosing shower cabin silicone?

High quality silicones lead to less tarnishing in time, you have to choose the most quality product for the long life usage.

It should be ensured that the product is definitely silicone and you should not prefer products including solvents because of cost efficiency. Because, the cheap silicones including solvents subject to volume loss and lead to leakage in time on the place applied. It turns black in a very short time and may produce mold. It may cause thereafter major costs for you. 

Because bathrooms are exposed to moisture and water on a regular basis there is a high probability leading to accumulation of bacteria. For this reason, you should prefer antibacterial 100% silicone shower enclosure sealant. 

What should be taken into account before applying shower cabin silicone sealant?

At first, clean the bathroom. The most essential point in this phase is removing dust, oil and dirty from the areas silicone is to be applied. Thus, silicone sealant to be applied will bind properly with the surface.

How the remainder of silicone sealants are cleaned?

You cannot glue the new silicone without removing old silicone sealant completely. You have to remove all old silicone sealants remaining on the surface silicone is to be applied neatly. For this, you can benefit from a cutter tool like carpet knife or razor. You can remove silicone sealant from the area by uplifting with the razor longitudinally after cutting from the end of the silicone located on the corner. Then, the same process is applied for the other side of silicone remainder.

Clean up the remaining sealant on the surface by scratching with the help of carpet knife or razor after removed all the silicone. You may sand the surface lightly with the sandpaper if asperities are detected on it. You may also clean the surface by pouring acetone or pure alcohol on the hard surface of the scouring sponge to avoid damaging bath surface. 

100D Shower Cabine Kicthen & Bathroom Silicone

How should shower cabin silicone be applied?

The surface is cleaned with the help of a cloth with detergent or damp cloth after removing silicone, then dry the surface completely. You have to ensure that the surface is dried completely. Otherwise, the application will be unreliable. 

It is useful to have practice if you will do it for the first time. You can try to use a caulking gun on the cardboard or any other plain material. 

Adhere the masking tape in a way so that application area is to be left open only. So, you may apply it on a straight line. 

Open the nozzle of the silicone sealant loaded in caulking gun. Begin to tighten silicone sealant holding at the angle of 45 degrees end-to-end. Care should be taken for applying this in a slow and careful manner. 

Leveling process is carried out with a trimming apparatus or your finger on the area where sealant was applied without applying much pressure. If you want, you may also stick your finger into a warm water. You may remove the masking tapes after applying silicone properly without drying. Wait 24 hours for complete drying. 

Close the tap of the tube after completion of applying process. The nozzle of the tube will be dried after a while but this does not prevent you from reusing it. The inner content will not be dried although cover was dried. You may reuse it by cutting the dried end part. 

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