How To Make Practical And Cost-Efficient Heat Insulation?

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More than 40% of global energy resources are being used for our most humanly needs such as heating and cooling which we perceive as simple requirements. Heat insulation is not a luxury option but rather a basic requirement for a comfortable life. It is recommended for professional heat insulation to be made at the construction stage, from the foundation. For more effective and cost-efficient options, it is of critical essence to make the same at the construction stage of the building. However, in our country, number of buildings with adequate heat insulation applied in the course of the construction stage is 5%, whereas total number of buildings where heat insulation is applied at a later stage by means of operations such as mantling is 12%. We are faced with these rates due to high costs and unsolved problems in urban planning.

How To Make Practical And Cost-Efficient Heat Insulation

Are High Thermal Insulation Costs Mandatory?

At every environment where mankind lives and exists, ranging from residence houses to hospitals, schools, from business centers to educational institutions, from industrial complexes to art centers, there arises a requirement for heat insulation. Any building where heat insulation is needed should be reviewed and surveyed by a team of specialists. Several specialized companies provide free survey service. In the course of such a survey, it is taken into consideration and calculated several factors like the position of the building where insulation is to be applied, purposes of utilization, etc. 

How To Make Practical And Cost-Efficient Heat Insulation

While realizing heat insulation, requirement towards sound insulation should be considered as well. A general and wrongful opinion is that heat insulation requires substantially high costs. However, current technology is presenting practical and cost-efficient solutions. Upon consulting with a specialist company, it is possible to find solutions compatible to the structure of your building as well as your budget. When deciding according to the table you will encounter, you should consider that the amount of bill you will pay for heating will decrease by 75%.

The Most Practical And Cost-Efficient Heat Insulation

 For Heat and Sound Insulation, it is used several different insulation materials such as spray insulation foams, glass wools, xps and eps styrofoam panels. Amongst these, recently single component polyurethane heat and sound insulation spray foams are quite prominent. They are intensively popular due to factors like being applied in a fast, easy and practical manner, being able to be implemented even at constricted areas, not requiring any preliminary process, having convenient storage and transportation costs, possessing high heat and sound insulation values. 

How To Make Practical And Cost-Efficient Heat Insulation

They provide ideal solutions particularly for those users who desire or are compelled to make their own insulation work without requiring any professional assistance. 

Individual users could possibly use single component sound and heat insulation spray foam for heat, humidity and sound insulation at their buildings, which is fast, easy and practical to use and more cost-efficient compared to other insulation products. 

How To Make Practical And Cost-Efficient Heat Insulation

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