How To Perform Curtain Rail Montage Without Using Power Drill?

HOME BLOG How To Perform Curtain Rail Montage Without Using Power Drill?

Curtains are essential for our home decoration. How to put up curtain is as important as the curtain choice. The montage of curtain rod required for the curtains to be properly put up should be performed appropriately.

Therefore, it is of utmost importance to accurately select the materials to bear the curtains. The durability of the curtain rod shall ensure the long life cycle of both the curtain and the decoration. Two options are available for the montage of the curtain rod. First one is to use a dowel and power drill and the second option is to perform the montage with a special adhesive. First option is quite inconvenient and requires competence. Moreover, to crown it all, everywhere can get messy and dirty. However, it is quite possible to fix curtain rod without any dust and dirt. Everyone can fix a curtain rod at home easily, quickly and hassle-free with Akfix High Tack Curtain Rail Adhesive

Akfix High Tack Curtain Rail Adhesive enables you to easily assemble curtain rods and accessories without needing any power drill and screws. Ultra powerful and ensures enhanced adhesion. Offers a high adhesion strength and initial bonding feature. You can perform the montage of curtain rails with Akfix High Tack Curtain Rail Adhesive without using clamps or fastening tape.

High Tack Curtain Rail Adhesive

How to Bond the Montage of Curtain Rail (Curtain Rod)? 

First of all, please make sure that the surface you will bond the curtain rod is clean and dry. Then, cut the opening of the cartridge and attach a plastic tip. The plastic tip is cut according to the width of the surface and the cartridge is fixed on the gun. Akfix High Tack Curtain Rail Adhesive is applied in vertical stripes on the surface. Depending on the humidity and temperature, the surfaces are required to be united within 10 minutes. After the curtain rod is affixed on the ceiling, pressing should be performed within a short period of time. After waiting for a while for the curing and hardening of the adhesive, you may put up your curtains.

High Tack Curtain Rail Adhesive

What should you pay attention when bonding the curtain rail?

The most important point you are required to pay attention while assembling the Curtain Rail with Akfix High Tack Curtain Rail Adhesive is to ensure that the adhesive should directly contact with the concrete surface. Many buildings usually have painted surfaces where the curtain rail is to be assembled. In order to perform a strong and permanent bonding process, the painted surface in the area to be installed must be raked or scraped in strips with a nail or a mechanical tool so that the adhesive can contact the underlying concrete surface. By doing so, we ensure a permanent montage process with the bonding of the adhesive directly on the concrete surface. 

High Tack Curtain Rail Adhesive

Which adhesive is to be preferred for the montage of Curtain Rail (Curtain Rod)? 

Many different adhesive products with various chemical structure are available in hardware stores and DIY stores.  The most convenient product for the adhesion of Curtain Rail (Curtain Rod) is the Akfix High Tack Curtain Rail Adhesive, ensuring a rapid initial bonding on the vertical ceiling within 5-8 seconds after the application, with very high adhesion strength after curing, not containing any solvents, acids, etc. harmful for the environment, entirely odorless and environmental friendly.

Such products are offered to market under the names High Tack, Curtain Rod Adhesive, Curtain Retail Adhesive, Curtain Track Adhesive. 

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