How To Remove Persistent Label Residues?

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Wherever we are, whether at home or in our cars, we come across label residues frequently in our daily lives. Removing the adhesives left by the labels can be quite challenging. Various methods are available to remove the label adhesives from the surfaces, however those are far from offering fast, easy and effective solutions.

Such stains trap the dust and dirt in the air in time and forms a quite unpleasant image. It is possible to remove the label residues from the entire surfaces within a vast range of products such as the glass jars, windows, furniture, cloths, metals, wood, plastics and leather in a quite fast, easy and practical way. Akfix A104 Label Remover, helps you to get rid of such stains in a very short time without leaving any traces.

A104 Label Remover

Label Remover, Every House and Office Needs One

Akfix A104 Label Remover will be your practical helper in your home, vehicle, office, basically wherever you are. Label Remover Spray directly penetrates the adhesive part of labels. Removes the adhesive residue swiftly from various surfaces. A smart and practical helper always comes in handy.

A104 Label Remover

Where to Use the Label Remover?

Akfix A104 is formulated from natural orange oil to remove the label residues. Safely used on many surfaces such as PVC and Aluminum Windows, leather, fabric, painted and coated surfaces, plastic, metal and wood. Not only can be used on porous surfaces, but also offers perfect solution for the nonporous surfaces such as glass. Moreover, it is suitable to be used to remove the residues of crayons, lipstick, adhesive tapes and car bumper stickers.

A104 Label Remover

How to Use the Label Remover?

Akfix A104 Label Remover is quite easy to be applied. Shake the product can for a short time. Spray it carefully on the label or residue from a distance of ~10 cm. After waiting for 5 minutes, you may remove the label from the surface with ease. As the Label Remover does not contain chemicals harmful for the skin, label and residues can be easily removed manually. It can be required to apply the label remover for more than once for the challenging, stubborn and persistent labels. After the residues are cleaned off the surface, wipe the surface with a clean cloth. And of course, we can’t help saying that the product has a highly pleasant citrus scent.

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