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Rust is an annoying and unhealthy layer that we often encounter in our daily lives. It is formed by the oxidation of the iron surface. Rust occurs as a result of the oxidation of the surface of the iron. We can encounter it in many areas from doors to windows, from small household appliances to bicycles. So, you may find the answer to the question of how we can restore rusted surfaces in our article.

Thanks to its easy use, you can easily apply Akfix A40 Rust Remover and Anti-Corrosion Spray and prevent rusting and wearing.

How to loosen jammed rusted parts?

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The answer to that is quite simple. Apply Akfix A40 to rusted nuts and bolts. Then gently tap with a stiff tool so that the product enters the connection points and the fasteners are loosened. After waiting for some time, clean the excess lubricant. In the case of very difficult rusty parts, if possible, you can put the parts in a plastic cup and spray Akfix A40 on them, allowing the parts to stand in the liquid rust remover.

How to prevent door and window squeaks?

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Clean the top of the hinges with a clean cloth. Shake the Akfix A40 Rust remover and apply it to the hinge and the inner mechanism of the hinge. Move the door back and forth while doing this. Thus, the spray shall penetrate thoroughly into the hinge. Just a simple process.

How to lubricate the bicycle chain?

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To clean the bicycle chain, first, clean the chain away from dirt and grease. An old, unused toothbrush will come in handy here. Apply the Akfix A40 onto the chain and wait for some time for it to penetrate. You can also apply the Akfix A40 to clean other rotating parts of the bicycle. The dirty area shall be easier to clean because the product removes the dirt easily.

How to remove the rust on the necklace?

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For prolonged use, corrosion and rust can occur on jewelry such as necklaces and bracelets coming into contact with moist skin and air. The necklace darkens and color changes may occur. Thanks to its special formula, Akfix A40 removes rust and dirt without damaging the necklace. Apply Akfix A40 on the rusted surface. After waiting for some time, clean the surface with a clean piece of cloth. Your necklace shall be just as brand new. 

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