What Is Liquid Nails / Montage Adhesives? Where And How To Use?

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Every house must have this product: Montage Adhesive (Liquid Nails)

Montage adhesives are versatile adhesive products ensuring a tight adhesion of materials such as ceramics, glass, metal, plasterboard. Such products are defined at points of sale by the names such as liquid nails, nail-free nails, montage adhesive, montage kit, montage silicone, silicone adhesive, cabinet montage silicone, wood adhesive, polyurethane adhesive. You may find in the market many montage adhesives with/without solvent, polyurethane, colored or colorless, flexible or rigid, with various compositions and technology.

Mainly used for bonding construction and furniture parts, these new generation montage adhesives have very high durability thanks to their polyurethane-based composition and special formula. Strong adhesion and fast curing features ensures a shorter pressing duration. Unlike other nails, liquid nails save time and eliminate the noise and dust. 

Since montage adhesives are generally in cartridges like silicones, the outer appearance resembles silicones. Therefore, it can be confused with silicone and mastic. Montage adhesives  are stronger than silicones. Used for challenging adhesion processes requiring strength. Convenient for professional or amateur use.

610 Montage Adhesive

Where to use the montage adhesives?

Becoming a very powerful adhesive thanks to its single component and rapid curing feature when comes in contact with air, the montage adhesive has a great range of use area. 

Montage adhesives that can be used for different purposes are among the most powerful adhesives in our times with a comprehensive area of use.  Montage adhesive can be used to bond many building materials such as wood, MDF, concrete, metal, polystyrene and polyurethane foam, marble, granite, ceramics, in construction and repair processes where a permanent and strong adhesion is required.

Bearing and lifting capacities of montage adhesives are quite high. The product has a wide range of uses, from bonding large and heavy parts in the industrial processes to decorative and hobby applications at home.

Having a highly powerful initial bonding, montage adhesives are at creamy consistency and therefore, required to be supported until the adhesive is cured in certain cases or double adhesion technique is required to be applied for the ones with solvent. 

You may use the montage adhesive for processes such as filling clearances and cracks indoors and outdoors just like silicones or mastic. Particularly solvent-based montage adhesive is more resistant to harsh weather conditions, chemicals, cleaning agents and solvents.

610 Montage Adhesive

How to use the montage adhesives?

Application surfaces should be clean and dry. Slight dampening of the application surfaces shall enhance the adhesion performance. Akfix 610 Montage Adhesive is applied by spreading straight with 3 cm and leaving a gap of 2 cm on one of the application surfaces. Surfaces should be pressed for 15-20 mins. after uniting them. Adhesives not cured can be cleaned with acetone.

610 Montage Adhesive

Akfix Montage Adhesive DIY application videos

Akfix Montage Adhesive DIY application video 1

Akfix Montage Adhesive DIY application video 2

Akfix Montage Adhesive DIY application video 3

Akfix Montage Adhesive DIY application video 4

Akfix Montage Adhesive DIY application video 5

Akfix Montage Adhesive DIY application video 6

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