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Akfix Aquazero

By waterproofing your buildings, you can prevent your living spaces from being damaged by moisture. Whether the surfaces are flat or inclined, you can protect your building with the right waterproofing applications.

One of the best methods for waterproofing is liquid membranes. These materials are isolation insulation materials applied by brush or roller. Liquid waterproofing materials do not create any additional joints in the area where they are applied. As a single piece on the reinforced concrete surface, it covers the entire concrete surface. In addition, polyurethane-based injection waterproofing is applied to prevent water leaks from cracks in the terrace ceilings and the waterproofing problem is eliminated.

Aquazero, produced with Akfix's innovative formula hybrid technology, offers the perfect solution to prevent water leaks and protect roof surfaces.

What is Akfix Aquazero Liquid Waterproofing Membrane?

Akfix Aquazero is a hybrid polymer-containing liquid waterproofing membrane that goes beyond traditional insulation materials. Provides long-lasting protection thanks to its durable structure. Creates a monolithic usage area by bridging cracks with its flexible structure. Provides long-term protection in outdoor areas with its high UV resistance feature. Can be applied smoothly on damp surfaces.

Thanks to its hybrid technology, Akfix Aquazero does not require the use of a primer. With its self-spreading feature, it can be easily applied with a roller, brush or spatula. With all these features, it is often preferred by professional and amateur users.

Produced in different colors, Aquazero's white color in particular provides a reflective effect by absorbing the sun's rays on the roofs and terraces of buildings. This protects structures from overheating. Helps to reduce cooling costs. Environmentally friendly; bitumen, isocyanate and solvent free. 
Akfix Aquazero

Where is Akfix Aquazero used?

It has a very wide usage area from the foundation to the roof. It is used as a strong insulation element in underfloor applications such as balconies, terraces, bathrooms and kitchens of industrial and residential buildings, in water bases, in areas between soil and concrete. Applicable in all seasons.
Akfix Aquazero


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