How to loosen jammed screws and nuts?

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Tools such as screws, nuts and bolts, remaining the same position for a long time, may be jammed or oxidized over time due to the humidity and heat in the air because they are not treated.

For these reasons, we may find it difficult to remove and loosen them. You can apply the following procedures to the screws that you have difficulty in removing and you can then easily remove them.

How to remove rusted and jammed screws?

You can easily loosen and remove the rusty or jammed screw, nut - bolt duo by using the following methods.

The methods to be applied to remove rusted and jammed screws are as follows;

Using a screwdriver;

How to loosen jammed screws and nuts?

- You can use a different screwdriver instead of the one you use as standard. First of all, you can try a screwdriver with a larger end and a shorter one in length. Apply downward pressure and try to gently remove the screw.

- Strike the screwdriver with the hammer to the head of the screw. Insert the screwdriver into the head of the screw. Strike the back of the screwdriver with a hammer. This will allow you to apply more force by ensuring that the screwdriver fits securely to the head of the screw. Leave the hammer and try to remove the screw.

- Heating the screwdriver and holding it on the screw for a while and trying to remove the screw.

Using pincers or pliers;

How to loosen jammed screws and nuts?

- If there is some space between the surface of the screw and the screw head, you can try to grasp and rotate it with pincers or pliers.

Using various objects;

How to loosen jammed screws and nuts?

- Pour hot water on top of the rusted and jammed screw.

- Heat up the screw using a lighter or a hair dryer.

- You can try to remove it after dripping a little oxygenated water on the screw and letting it remain for a while.

Using lubrication spray;

How to loosen jammed screws and nuts?

- With Akfix A40 Magic, you can achieve the result you desire with less or no effort. Thanks to its special formula, you can easily use it to loosen rusted and jammed mechanisms such as screws, nuts and bolts. Shake the can well before use. Spray on the surface and parts to be applied. Then wait for it to penetrate onto the surface. After application, clean the surfaces with the help of a brush.

Akfix A40 is an anti-corrosion, lubricating and multi-purpose protective aerosol spray. In addition to loosening, it also offers rust protection and lubrication. Apart from metal parts such as nuts and bolts, it also loosens door and window hinges, locks and other parts. Reduces the friction and eliminates the squeaks in the hinges.

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