How to Remove Labels from the Items We Use in Everyday Life?

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Ranging from glass jars, plates, windows, furniture and even our clothes, to almost every new product we buy, have labels on them. When we move to a new house, or when we prepare a dowry you find out how you can remove the labels on every product we buy without leaving any residue.

A104 Label & Sticker Remover

Almost all of the new products we buy have adhesive labels that don't come off easily. Even if they come off, they leave stains on their back and dry out over time, creating a bad image. Ranging from glass jars to windows, from furniture to clothes, today we can remove label residues quickly and easily with Akfix A104 Label Remover Spray.

A104 Label & Sticker Remover

Akfix A104 Label Remover can be used on many surfaces such as plastic, metal, wood, PVC and aluminum windows, leather, fabric, painted surfaces. You can also remove crayons, lipstick, tape residue and bumper stickers. 

A104 Label & Sticker Remover

Akfix Label Remover Spray, which you will wish you had discovered earlier, is also extremely simple to use. Shake the product before use for a short time. Spray carefully on the label or residue from a distance of ~10 cm. After waiting for about 5 minutes, you can remove the label from the surface. Since the Label Remover does not contain chemicals that can damage the skin, you can remove labels and residues manually. In difficult, watertight cases, you can lift a piece from the edge of the label and squeeze it in where it is lifted. After the residues are removed from the surface, wipe the surface with a clean cloth.

Akfix A104 Label Remover is a smart and practical helper that should be in every home.

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